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photo Decorative laminated glass is a favorite of the architectural and design community. This process allows colors, fabric, wood and other materials to be laminated between two layers of glass. This provides a smooth but highly decorative surface. The final look is bright, modern, and as easy to maintain as clear glass.



There is a wide range of stock material that can be used in this glass type: printed films, fabrics, metals, rice papers, woven wood, holographic films and more. We're always excited to experiment with custom materials as well, provided we can test it first for compatibility. The stock options range from the clear and translucent to the completely obscure and opaque.

Because the product uses two pieces of glass, the minimum thickness is about 1/4 inch. However, any combination of glass sizes can be used to make a thicker final piece. Clear, flat glass is most commonly used, but both textured and etched glass work equally well. If necessary, it can be fabricated to conform to safety glass standards.


Laminated glass is a dramatic accent for architectural elements as well as windows, provided the opening is thick enough to fit a 1/4" insert. Common applications include:

While the process provides a secure bond, it's recommended to avoid installations where the exposed edge may come in contact with standing water, such as a shower.